The One


I’m Not the One Who Broke Your Heart

I’m Not That Girl Who Took Your Soul

I’m Not that Female Who Broke You Down Crashed into Pieces on the cold linoleum floor

Not that Girl Who Left You stock shelves on threadbare spiderwebs cascading into a fall.

Not the Her who hung your dirty laundry out for all to see Who Bled Your Veins dry and drank your arteries into desert sands


I am the One You’ve Been waiting for

She Who feeds you.

Come pour your soul into my vessel. Let me bind your wounded heart.

Up until now you’ve been dealing with small-minded females.

It’s time to partner with a real woman.










Kick the Ballistics with Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Missy Elliott – Work It (Official Video)


African/Native American Queen

Celebrity Twin Status


Have you ever been mistaken for a famous Celebrity, Entertainer, or sports figure?

Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood (Nigerian films)!!

For example for some strange reason in the past I’ve been told I look like Whoopi Goldberg and the singer Macy Gray. The former I knew but the latter I had to research. I did have the opportunity to see Whoopi Goldberg in person and the only we had in common was my locs and the fact we are both Black Women who wear eyeglasses.  I no longer wear my hair in locs but even when I did Whoopi and I could never be twins.



Whoopi Goldberg


Macy Gray

As for the singer Macy Grey well once I allow my hair to grow out my mane does tend to get wild and Free like Sister Macy.  My co-workers have a weird odd strange sense of humor.

Still that’s where the resemblance ends.
Have you ever been mistaken for a Celebrity?  If so who?

Okay now that you’ve had the chance to compare all the photos the only component that both Macy Gray and I have in common is belonging to the Wild and UnTamed Hair Club!!



Here is my favorite Macy Gray song.

Macy Gray – I Try


Macy Gray – Beauty In The World