White Guilt? Don’t Care.



A little while ago one of my white female followers felt she had to stick up for the white race by leaving comments about the goodness, kindness and compassion of white people regarding my post about the 100 year anniversary of the Silent March of 1917. She did not leave the offending comments on that specific Blog Post but the following one.

Of course I responded and as she saw that my stance was not changing she seemed to get more and more excited. Like I’m supposed to be grateful for a white person throwing some crumbs to me a strong proud Black Woman.  Keep your crumbs.  If you want a reward you’re not getting one from me.

Her responses became more and more frantic as the discussion went on. Finally she said All Lives Matter. The Call and Cry of American Liberal White folks. Nobody is arguing that all lives matter. We know this. Duh…  However if this were true there would have not been any 1917 Silent March protesting the lynching of Black Americans then or the Black Lives Matter demonstrations more or less protesting the same lynchings now in 2016/7.   Yes All Lives Matter but all lives are not in danger. Nor do all lives have the same risk.

Once she said bullshit she revealed her true nature and her greatest fear. That there are more Black people out there who feel the way I do.  And Yes BTW there are. Also not just Black people but other people of color as well.  You are coming up against a Strong Nation. A Strong People.  People who are Woke.  The New Black Panthers. The New Black Nation is rising up. Stoppable.

News Flash!!

Black People don’t need the approval, validation or acknowledgement of American white people. Stepin Fetchit, Rochester, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are all Dead. For the most part we don’t do that anymore. As for those of you who don’t know who the aforementioned people were. Google them. Learn some History.

We can spot Bullshit and white people being condescending a mile away

Becky or as we used to call you in my day Ms. Ann. It’s Not about you nor has it ever been or will be. You are not even on the radar.


Now I shall make my Contribution to Black Lives Matter and continue on with my vacation.

Hella Black!  Hella Proud!



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