The Daily Prompt #271 ~~ Moonrise Over Solaris

Moonrise Over Solaris

Moonrise over  Solaris
Moonrise over Solaris

Enveloped in the sweet inky darkness of a sultry summer Knight his face flees from my mind as I chase it from dimension to dimension. Finally letting go I fade into Solaris laying upon her Lunar base, I allow the Moonrise and twinkling stars to seep into my flesh igniting my stigmata to flare forth into the future.

Eruptions of hot lava issue forth from every orifice. Inky Darkness remembers your hands on my thighs. Hungry Celestial eyes devouring my pheromone gaze. Samson, Know you not that your strength lies in your Night streaked Locs?

Allow the weight of obsidian rolling clouds to keep rhythm with creating volcanic galaxies. Black Unicorn Pegasus trails Midnight passion seeds pollinating transcendent universe.

I clap my hands and entire solar systems arise, new planets are life populated and dying stars alliance with more brilliant suns.