Igniting an Unexpected Flame


Normal morning bagel run.

Saw him. He smiled, stopped & waited for me.

I was pleasantly surprised.

We walked and talked about the new building.

He made my day.

Still wondering what’s behind the smile. Why stop for me? Am I so special?

Little does he know that he has created a shelter of possibilities within my mind.

Perhaps there will be an Act II.

Shall I have pleasures once more or is this another sweaty middle-aged fantasy?

Hot Flashes need new memories.

Maybe I won’t have to eat myself into oblivion after all.

10 thoughts on “Igniting an Unexpected Flame

  1. If you have the pleasure once more, enjoy it. Everyone deserves a chance at real happiness. Maybe friendship and companionship are what provide it.
    Enjoy the bagels.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Love this, especially references to the hot flashes! I could feel that little flutter of excitement filled with possibilities in your words. If it something good for you and him then I pray more doors will open for you both. Gods blessings upon this exciting adventure.

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