Cancelled All My Doctors Appointments


Cancelled both my doctor’s appointments for tomorrow. Breathing a sigh of relief. Rescheduled one but since my work schedule is crazy I might not get there in May either.  My other set of doctors whom I had went to for years moved further away so I have no way to get there. I’m not about to spend two hours traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan just to see doctors who can never figure out what’s wrong with me nor are there any treatment plans.  I’ve been deserted and abandoned by my doctors.  For those of you asking why I don’t go to the V.A. Hospital since I’m a Veteran well my disabilities are not service related nor was I a Combat Veteran therefore I don’t qualify for treatment.

Well Good Riddance docs.  I won’t be searching for any doctors anytime soon.  I’ve had some pretty negative experiences over the years and winding up in the hospital was like being in a house of horrors. I figure if something really bad happens to me there is always Urgent Care.

I guess you can figure out that I don’t like or trust the medical profession.  Between 2008 and 2015 I was in and out of various New York City E.R.s (Emergency Rooms). The last hospital I was in was the gateway to hell.  I’ve undergone all types of tests.  I’ve been admitted to the hospital with no results. Truthfully even though none of the doctors or nurses would admit it in reality there was nothing they could do for me except give me more drugs.

Finally in 2016 I decided to stop going to the doctor except in the case of extreme pain like when I had headaches the entire month of October last year.   I was given pain pills.  Plus other types of pills which I refuse to take.  The medical profession is purgatory and Dante’s Inferno for me. Doctor visits are a miserable depressing experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

The only doctor I like is my eye doctor. Obviously maintaining what little vision I have is important to me. The goal is to keep the problems in my left eye from spreading to the right eye. That appointment had to be moved to May. I’ll go after Celebrating Stephen’s Birthday which is more important than going to yet another doctor.  Personally after numerous treatments, pills, drugs & therapies I believe doctors just like to experiment on me and now I’m tired of being a guinea pig.  Seeing the Doctor is like being in a never-ending nightmare!  No more tests!  No more being poked and prodded! No more giving away my blood!  I’m Free!









13 thoughts on “Cancelled All My Doctors Appointments

    1. I try to avoid going to the doctor but I must go to the eye doctor. He is a good guy. And I must be able to see. Also I do take my high blood pressure medication. Having had a stroke I don’t want to risk another. I nearly died. However I do agree with you. Sometimes modern medicine does more harm than good.

      1. Ah Yes the dentist. Thanks to my Union insurance my checkups and cleanings are Free but I’m so terrified of the dentist that I don’t go on a regular basis. The last time I went to the dentist that I nearly fainted from fear.

      2. Last but one I went to the dentist the woman was so brutal I screamed and screamed it did not bother her one bit. I ended up with vertigo for 2 to 3 months. I have high tolerance for going to dentist.

      1. I will still have to return to the doctor at some point because I have high blood pressure. I must take medication. I’ve already had a stroke and I can’t risk another one. I work an extremely stressful job and I live in a food wasteland. No Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s here. I live in a poor neighborhood barely making it from one paycheck to another. I work those extra hours of overtime to stay solvent. There’s only one grocery store where I live. Mostly I eat from local Bodega and coffee shop across the street.
        I work on the Upper East side of Manhattan which is the Gold coast of New York city. They get the best of everything. Plenty of good stores selling healthy foods. Juice Bars. Holistic doctors etc…
        Money buys you a healthier and a better life.

      2. In my neighborhood is nothing but liquor stores, churches, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries.
        Sometimes I will drink smoothies but not where I live.
        Where I work that’s an expensive option. I need to work tons of overtime to afford them.

      3. Only if you can afford it. I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York city. I work on the Upper East side of Manhattan which is the Gold coast of New York city. My neighborhood is a food wasteland.
        Traveling 2 hours every day to work I can see abundance and good health but on my tiny salary as a museum security guard I must work an extra 20 to 30 hours of overtime to make ends meet.
        I must find another doctor to treat my high blood pressure. I had a stroke at age 49 and I don’t want to have another one.

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