6 thoughts on “Energize Me! ♡ ☆ 

    1. I only had a taste from my co-worker. Tried to find it at my local stores but was unable to locate any. I ordered some online but have yet to receive them. Because of the type of work I do which entails long hours where I must stay awake for long periods of time I need to find something that will keep me awake for up to 16 hours. I don’t think that it will kill me. I’ve survived traveling on the dirty filthy nasty New York subways for close to 60 years and if that has not killed me I don’t think an energy drink will!

      1. The L-Phenylalonine is dangerous for many (diarrhea & migraines, eventual brain damage for the susceptible) taurine & caffeine are addictive and can cause rebound effects. Sure as a healthy adult you can probably have a lot before it will effect you, I just wanted you to be aware. But please be careful, and be extra careful for Stephen, my family all have autism and have bad reactions to some of these ingredients and studies suggest people with autism and related conditions have increased sensitivities to these ingredients. Although my husband and girls are relaxed by high doses of caffeine.
        By the way apples and apple juice are apparently phenomenal for walking people up, better than coffee.

      2. Stephen does not live with me. He lives in a Group Home Residence where his diet is strictly regulated. His diet is a lot better than mine as I work long hours and often eat on the run. The only times Stephen’s diet varies is when he comes to me for a home visit. I don’t drink coffee, milk or soda as I am allergic to all three. I plan to retire in 2020 and will have a completely different lifestyle. No more rushing and running around. No more commuting. I’m looking forward to becoming a Lady of Leisure.

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